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Men are the youngest and the most contradictory inhabitants of this ancient world.

Legends say the Men are the descendants of the Great White Mages that once lived in this world. The Men however are far from perfection. They are divided into numerous groups with different cultures and history. Men tend to stick together building large cities, corrupting nature and making war with each other for power and money. Men quickly increase in numbers pushing other species from their lands. However not able to live in harmony, at certain point if they do not meet an external enemy, they start destroying themselves from the inside.

Men live shorter lives and do not possess any great skills or magical abilities if compared to older races which often look at them with neglect. Nevertheless there have been a few great kingdoms of Men in the past respected by the strongest and wisest of those times. Being inferior to other races in many aspects, Men however have the talent of accommodation. They have managed to learn the effective ways of food production and are very good in trading. Often Men live side by side with the dwarves exchanging food for weapons and tools. In general dwarves are the closest allies of the Men and are similar to them in many ways.

Men are average fighters. They are stronger than filthy orcs, but weaker than firm dwarves. Nevertheless Men have managed to gain powerful allies - horses and use their speed and strength to their advantage on the battlefield. Cavalry of Men can crush even the iron legions of the dwarves.