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Under the hood
We are very open-minded individuals when it comes to development tools. Happily, we can freely choose the languages, technologies and tools for the project. Besides other things for us it is a playing ground to try out new technologies and gain new experience.
Programing languages we use:
  • C/C++ (game)
  • Java (web)
  • Python (map editor, scripts)
Our set of development tools includes: Libaries/frameworks: What else?
  • We are using XP-Dev services for version control and project management.
  • Website is running on Google App Engine platform.
Here is our Hall of Fame. It is a small list of Games that influenced our project (in one way or another) or just showed us examples of highest gaming standards, which we will be forever trying to achieve.
  • Warlords I - III
    Thank you for the great games, Steve Fawkner. Many years have passed since we fought epic battle with friends, but memories remain.
  • M.A.X
    One of the best strategies ever. Sadly, underestimated.
  • Starcraft
    Arguably, best Blizzard's game. Perfect balance and gameplay. Hours and hours were devoted to online battles.
  • Age of Wonders II. Shadow Magic
    Amazing fantasy settings. Superb tactical combat.
  • Blades of Exile
    Great universe, story telling and RPG by indie game developer Jeff Vogel.