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This page is a humble attempt to document some aspects of the gameplay.
Playing the game
  • General controls
Selecting armies and map objects is done via left and unselecting via right mouse buttons. Army menu is accessed by right clicking on an army. If there is an object under army, you can select it by holding Shift key.
  • Army menu
Right clicking on an army will show army menu which will include various commands applicable in the current context. The menu is dynamic - depending on units in the army, terrain type and map objects under it, various items may be shown. For example if there are spell casters in your army you will see a command to cast a spell.
  • Iterating through production objects
Map objects that produce units usually need to be checked every turn, so that production can be adjusted. These include castles, orc huts (2 types) and portals. When these objects are selected, you can quickly iterate through other objects of the same type by pressing 'n' or 'p' keys.
  • Battle details
One of the main game features is sophisticated battle system. The visual part doesn't quite depict what happens during the battle. However you can get some idea by switching on test mode in the options game menu. By pressing Esc during the battle, you will speed it up.
Keyboard shortcuts
Below is a list of keyboard shortcuts to most often used top menu items.
Ctrl + t
- End of turn
Ctrl + t
- End of turn
Ctrl + l
- Load game
Ctrl + s
- Save game
Ctrl + q
- Quit
Below are the shortcuts to some often used army commands (most of them can be accessed through army menu by right clicking on an army).
Ctrl + k
- Use skill
Ctrl + p
- Cast spell
Ctrl + d
- Disband selected units
Ctrl + r
- Repair selected army (only in castle!)
Ctrl + e
- Issue equip dialog (only in castle!)
Ctrl + c
- Center current army
Stack controls
The controls below are essential for selecting units and changing their order in the army stack.
- Select all units. If all selected, then unselect all except first one
Shift + double click
- Select units of the type the clicked one is. Unselect others.
Ctrl + double click
- Select units of the type the clicked one is. Will not unselect other units.
- Select first or second row of the units
- Move selected units to the beginning of a stack
- Move selected units to the end of a stack
- Shift selected units towards the beginning of a stack
- Shift selected units towards the end of a stack
- Simple autoformation (strongest first, archers back)
- Go to the next army that can move
- Go to the previous army that can move
Army/unit icons
Some unit effects and skills are indicated by icons which are drawn on top of the unit picture in the stack. There are some icons drawn on armies as well.
- Army has full move/energy points
- Army has some move/energy points
- Army has no move/energy points
- Unit has high morale
- Unit has low morale
- Unit has food left for only one turn
- Unit has no food left
- Unit is invisible
- Unit is veteran
- Unit is poisoned
- Unit is diseased
- Unit is flying
- Unit can swim
- Unit is blessed
- Unit has berserk skill
- Unit has infiltrator skill
- Unit has assasin skill