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Dark Ambassador Studios proudly presents WargameProject Single-Player Campaign! You can try out WargameProject and/or train your game skills by playing the Campaign missions. We carefully designed them to take you into the Wargame universe and show some of the most important aspects of the game. All the way through as the story unfolds you will be presented with insights about the game mechanics. After completing the missions you will be ready for real action with real opponents!
A Journey In The Dark
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Nothrim, a deserted castle on the northen border, was a great stronghold long time ago during the war against the dwarves of the Ironfist clan, but now there is only a small garrison remaining. Being far from civilization, there are many dangers hiding in the wild. Here at the border starts the very first line of defence - ranger patrols. Artan, one of the rangers, has been given orders to investigate the fate of the villages to the north of the river. Local population is worried, one of the villages was burned, the other seems intact, but nobody knows what have happened to their inhabitants.
High Scores
Sadxxoo 75 Hard
Andi 57 Normal
ChrisMarleau 55 Hard
Uraga 53 Hard
Baruk 44 Hard
rcn 44 Normal
Baruk 44 Hard
Baruk 41 Hard
SkullCrusher 41 Normal
Megas 40 Hard
Stranger 40 Normal
deval 39 Easy
Ancalagon 39 Hard
Herystofanes 38 Hard
Riptide 34 Normal
MadJake 33 Normal
Murtygh 31 Normal
Salmon 30 Normal
Baruk 21 Easy
Guest 21 Easy
Sadxxoo 21 Normal
fff 20 Easy
Baruk 19 Normal
Mateusz 18 Easy
jura 18 Easy
Sadxxoo 18 Hard
Mathom 17 Easy
Kingtombs456 15 Normal
Guest 12 Easy
Sitiran 11 Easy
Golden Fever
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Gador, a famous mercenary and former bandit, and his "crew" were hired by the Council to handle increased bandit activity in the region in order to gain back control over the rich gold mines. Normally this would have been handled by the regular troops. However due to constant attacks from the orcs, there are no forces available for such a mission. On top of that hunting down bandit squads in the deep forests requires "special skills" and can take time... Anyway Gador was happy to help... As always...
High Scores
Endrez 524 Easy
Kingtombs456 436 Easy
Ellindir 391 Normal
Mathom 379 Easy
rcn 368 Normal
Baruk 311 Normal
Guest 299 Easy
Baruk 286 Easy
Riptide 81 Normal
Sadxxoo 74 Hard
SirSamuel 56 Hard
Darkness Falls
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You have arrived in a distant province to organize and coordinate defense against an unexpected orc invasion... Scouts detected orc settlements not far from your stronghold. But you feel it is not just another raid, there is something more behind it this time. You smelt it in the air the moment you arrived here. The stronghold is very old and for many years there was no danger whatsoever. You wonder why here and why now. You need to get some answers.
High Scores
Megas 231 Normal
Aiero_Ivor 175 Normal
WarriorOfThay 169 Normal
Ben 146 Easy
Aiero 140 Normal
Aiero 120 Normal
Murtygh 113 Easy
Markus 101 Easy
Baruk 64 Easy
Asmodan 60 Easy
lejla 34 Easy
The Valley Of Abundance (coming soon)
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You are dispatched to a wealthy rear province called the Valley of Abundance. It has been the granary of the Southern districts for decades. Well hidden and protected by a ridge of high mountains it has been one of the safest places in the whole empire until now. However recent scout reports indicate there is massive orc activity in the surrounding mountains. The region has been fully compromised and must be abandoned immediately. Sir Belran, the commander of the local guards is organizing the defenses. He and his troops will be at your disposal as soon as you arrive.
Blood of the Dwarves (coming soon)
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Dwarven Champion Dronx Stonefoot is the leader of small patrolling party wending his way through the Green Forest to the Villages of Dhum. Situated on the southern shores of Sea of Tears they are known as one of the oldest dwarven settlements in the Realm. Accompanied by his brothers in arms Dronx Stonefoot is marching northwards. Waters of Sea of Tears are cold so is the wind blowing into the thoughtful face of dwarven commander. Dark clouds jam the horizon. The storm is coming...