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We are a small group of enthusiasts (not a company) and we do have real jobs and other things to do. Nevertheless we share a strong passion for strategy and role playing games. Having played a lot of them, we came to a conclusion that we want a game where we can create the rules of our own. It started as a hobby project not intended for any other people to see. We developed for many years learning programming as we did, then abandoned when something important emerged in our lives and started all over again later with new skills and experience gained in professional projects. The breaks between comebacks were years long and we didn't have any clear target, just having fun of being able to create and populate our own universe. Then we actually started to play it and our effort became more focused. As we do have web development expertise, we decided why not to make a web site and let other players actually see what we did.
The Team
In alphabetical order!
Aleksei Rovenski (megas)
game and site developer
Anatoli Arhangelski (Tode)
inspirer and the ultimate champion
Andrei Zavidei (Baruk)
original idea and music, game and map editor developer
Igor Treiel (Ganeleon)
generator of ideas, map maker and the best fan
In alphabetical order!
- organizational help and other support
Andrei TÅ¡uprina
- some of the original graphics
- bass guitar part and sound editing of the main theme
Konstantin Zolotov
- freelancer artist, author of most of the graphics in the game
- map maker and great supporter
- map maker and great contributer
- artist, author of heroes in human campaign