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Priest is the only unit with magical abilities of the race of Men.

The race of Men is the follower of the Cult of Life. Its roots go back to the legendary White Mages that brought mankind to these lands in the ancient times and founded their own religion. Everything in the mortal world is connected to the eternal Pool of Life. All the souls derive from the Source and return back when the time comes. The Mages walked this land for ages and that was a Golden Era. They blessed mankind with the knowledge how to find the places where the boundaries of this world weaken and reveal the power of the Life Source. Men can build temples on such places where chosen ones can cognize the true meaning of existence. Those are the priests of the Life Cult.

Only certain heroes have the privilege to build a temple. However there are often abandoned ones here and there that can be easily captured. Priests respect all living beings and open their doors to everybody with good intentions. Thus they can be found in armies other than of Men if this doesn't contradict their beliefs. Training a priest is a very time consuming process, it takes much longer than a regular unit.

Priests by themselves are defenseless against foes from flesh and blood. However they have great power to resist the Undead. The nature of the Undead is unnatural and is against the Life Source. The priests are extremely effective versus such an enemy which includes not only zombies and ghosts, but also Dark Mages. They used to be Men, but became servants of the Dark Ambassador who perverted their nature and subdued them to his will. The priests can banish the Undead from a distance when they are in close range and will inflict a lot of damage to them in combat. In addition to that priests can use the forces of the Source to heal wounded and cure poisoned units as well as see far beyond the abilities of any Man.