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XXL map, IM , 1 castle
Created by: Ganeleon
Status: The game has ended
Modes: Ironman:on Quick start:off
Turn limit (days per player): 3


White Player (Men): Ganeleon Team 1 Lost...
Red Player (Dwarves): megas Team 2 Won!
Black Player (Dark side): Toxaz Team 1 Lost...
Yellow Player (Men): Sadxxoo Team 2 Won!


Turn 4
Here lies the capital of the Dwarven kingdom. On the right is the end of the map, on the top are the lands of the Dark side. The other enemy and my ally are far away, so it seems I will be fighting Darks on this map...
Turn 8
The first castle to fall under my command! Many more will follow...
Two mighty heroes lead the attack, the garrison doesn't have a chance...
Turn 11
Look who we got here... Dark Ambassador himself, disturbingly close to my castles.. and so early in the game..
Turn 15
Ah gnomish guard discovered! Need to change the position asap....
My ally became a necromancer :) This seems to work well, castles fall before his undead minions..
Turn 16
While being blocked by the Dark side from the top and left, the Dwarves try to expand to the bottom. The 4th castle joins their mighty kingdom...
Hmm the Dark Ambassador is still there were I last saw him 5 turns ago... Maybe he is sleeping :)
Turn 17
Spider queen detected my guard... terrible death...
Dark side is upon us at our doorsteps!
Turn 18
Enemy is close... last chance to capture this castle... it will greatly ease defending my kingdom.. if I manage to take it...
Griffins charge led by 4! mighty heroes... The castle is ours, though griffins suffer great casualties.. The question is will my opponent risk and try to retake the castle from me while it is not yet fully defended...
Turn 19
Turn 22
Turn 23
Turn 28
Turn 29
Turn 31
Turn 33
Turn 34
Turn 35
Turn 36