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Winter warrior: megas vs Toxaz
Created by: megas
Status: The game has ended
Modes: Ironman:off Quick start:off
Turn limit (days per player): 3


Red Player (Dwarves): megas Won!
Yellow Player (Men): Toxaz Surrendered


Turn 4
Lets earn some money!
Spiders can't stop the mighty Kiltor Firebeard!
Finish the last sucker!
Some little gold for a fair fight!
Dwarves will find good use for that gold!
Turn 6
Troll is a tough foe, but dwarf heroes are strong enough to take them down!
Belain Longbeard stuns the troll with a great mace, poor beast doesn't have a chance...
For a moment troll gained initiative when he broke the shield, but the dwarf parried his club and stunned again and again not letting the troll fight back.
At last, the first encounter with enemy scout!
And the first blood is spilled..
Turn 7
Its time to expand dwarf empire. Griffins are perfect to capture neutral castles as they do not have to climb the walls..
The garrison is full of spearmen who often inflict double damage... very bad for beasts who do not have armour.
Griffins have a chance to inflict critical damage on units without armour... the damage can be devastating.
One of the griffons killed so many dwarves that it received the Dwarf Slayer ability which triples the damage!
Hmm... I think I will skip this ruin...
Turn 8
Ghosts.. easy pray for mighty dwarf heroes!
Kiltar swings huge Baruk Battle Axe inflicting double damage
Every castle needs villages to feed the townsfolk, so the next step after capturing the castle is to claim its villages... There is militia, but those are just peasants with spears and shields, only good enough to fight back scouts and packs of wolves...
Here it comes! The first enemy army is incoming! Hardly enough for an assault, probably only trying to drive the dwarves back to the castle.
Turn 9
Its time to increase the area of control. There is a neutral orc hut nearby - good place to train the troops and refresh food supplies.
Orcs in small numbers are no match for dwarven legions!
Flawless victory! The only problem is their poisoned weapons. Poisoned unit may die unless cured by priest or makes it to the nearest castle (may also recover himself if lucky)... I was anticipating poisoned wounds, so I have a priest nearby. To cure poison the priest must stay with the army until the next turn.
Take some food from the orc hut, so I do not have to return to the castle... I'm not razing the hut, so it will replenish the food and it can be taken again later... Of course orcs will not be produced. Only dark side or dark humans may produce orcs...
Besides curing poison priests have many other functions - here I will heal one of the wounded units.
One of my armies is short on food supplies, but some of the units have more food than the others. Food can be distributed, so the danger of hunger is shifted for couple of more turns...
Nearby bandit layers must be destroyed. Dwarves can not hire bandits, but my opponent is human and they may offer their services to him. I can not move forward before clearing my rare.
Bandits are filth and dwarves easily eliminate them, but as orcs they can poison their enemies, so they die later after battle.
Flawless victory! The archers don't have a chance when the first line of bandits is smashed.
Nice bonus! All gold pillaged by bandits is now mine! The older is the lair, the more gold can be collected.
lets start to get money)
Turn 10
Another mighty hero joins!
One of my armies is short on supplies and there is no map object with food nearby. One trick to feed your troops on the march without supply cart is to hunt with skirmishers in the woods and then distribute the food.
Some of the crossbowmen produced come with special abilities - they look slightly different and known as gnomish guards. Those units are responsible for all covert operations in the dwarven army.
They can make lairs which are completely invisible unless stepped directly upon. Inside those lairs gnomish guards can make traps or build food storages.
Happy gnomish guard ready to build traps :)
Storm is coming! The Dwarves are on the march...
Turn 11
Good reputation have many bonuses, one of them is having heroes for free from time to time. This one also came with an Elder, a mighty dwarf as strong as a hero. Every dwarf castle has an Elder of its own (as opposed to garrison in human castles).
There are many resources on the map that bring gold income, such as mines, mills and watermills. Controlling them is one of aspects to achieve victory.
Let the war begin! First target is enemy village, not much strategic value as he anyway has another one. But it will be a reconnaissance of the enemy strength. Lets see if he comes out of the castle to fight in the field...
Meanwhile as my troops are moving further away from the castles, its time to build supply carts to bring food supplies.
I took a quest in the temple. It is a simple as searching a nearby ruin which I intended to do anyway. On top of that you can receive blessings in temples which give units Undead Slayer skill. This is especially valuable for heroes that often meet undead in the ruins...
Turn 12
My hero is riding a griffin! This allows to travel faster over woods and hills and thus search more ruins. Only heroes and champions are allowed to ride those proud beasts.
Another bandit lair discovered! Two bandit lairs in my rare forces me to distract substantial forces to clear them.
Dwarves are ready to storm key neutral stronghold. This will allow to have good position both for defence and offence on this flank. I have strengthened my troops here with 2 catapults in case castle is heavily defended.
Priest can see a little bit further with their Magic vision spell. Before doing anything stupid like attacking enemy, it is always good to know what hides behind his first line of defence :)
Indeed there is a second army out of my reach. This means if I take the castle, it can be retaken next turn if the army is strong enough.
Dwarves are in attack formation! Supply cart made it right in time for the dwarves to replenish all arrows before the battle...
The military advisor is telling me that the first army has to be sacrificed. But the way I see it, the second has high chances of success. There is a second enemy army nearby that can counter attack next turn, but I presume the strongest has to be in the castle, right?
So it began! Enemy has spearmen on the walls. That will make it hard to climb them. But the good news it seems not all of enemy troops are heavy infantry, so most of them will not sustain a lot of damage.
The first enemy unit down! Crossbowmen are perfect for storming castles as the have higher accuracy than archers. Also they penetrate armour. On the down side they have fewer arrows and shoot only once in two turns.
First dwarves are on the walls! Spearmen as expected managed not to let most of the dwarves to climb the walls. Those who did not make it lost some hit points and have to start all over again while the ones on top have to fight the enemy all alone...
Enemy knight is the biggest threat. He wields a great sword that inflicts double damage and is wearing double armour. But the dwarf to fight him is a champion. He has ordinary weapon, but his armour is as good. This will be a tough fight!
Spearmen continue to block most of the dwarves from climbing the walls.
Good shot!
Crossbowers shot most of their arrows. Now they have nothing else to do, but to try to climb the walls and attack the enemy in melee.
The last dwarf on the wall! He fell as a hero taking one of the enemy spearmen with him.
Second battle is much faster. Most dwarves quickly climb the walls as archers do not stop them.
The castle is taken! This is a human castle and it will produce human units.
Castle have lost(
well, let me see what I can choose :)
part 2, the begin of the end:)
Turn 13
Another castle will shortly join the mighty dwarf empire!
This is a dwarf castle and the defenders are quite outnumbered. Dwarf crossbows do not inflict critical damage as opposed to human archers. Critical damage is valid only for non armoured units, thats why archers are very good versus beasts.
Finally I assembled an army to deal with the bandit nest...
Reward is always welcome :)
Besides money this time I freed a prisoner, mighty champion stripped of armour and hungry... He will join my armies shortly after visiting castle to repair and feed.
Its time to fulfil the quest - clear the ruin. It is protected by a pack of zombies and a ghost. Not too dangerous as my hero received blessing in a temple and has Undead Slayer skill.
Undead Slayer skill in action! Ghost killed in 2 mighty blows...
Now when quest is done, hero must return to the temple to claim his reward.
Its time to unleash doom on the neutrals and subdue them to my rule. Lets start with the catapult fire!
Garrison lost half of its strength after two catapults fire on the castle. It is an easy task now to finish them off with a heavy legion of dwarves. Unfortunately castle wealth and population also suffered from the catapults. They will however restore in time. It was worth it...
Enemy is near. Now nothing stand between us...
My opponent has stepped into the dark side! He reduced his reputation and became dark human. Now he can command orcs! The game is far from over yet...
Number of griffin nests is limited to the number of castles divided by two. Now when I have captured more castles I can build some more nests!
Turn 14
Enemy reinforcements detected
Dwarves push on. Orc hut is the last barrier between them and the enemy...
Turn 15
Crap :) Men do not plan to give up so easily...
Human has captured orc hut right under my nose! If I let this be, orcs will quickly grow in numbers and it will be much harder to eliminate them afterwards. So I risk and attack hoping there are no reinforcements coming to finish me off.
Raze the orc hut. If/when enemy gets it, he will have to rebuild it and it will take some time to reach full production level.
One quest completed, the next one is taken!
Turn 16
Instead of attacking enemy straight, I decided to take a neutral castle that has strategic position cutting communications from left flank to the centre. Fist I fire with catapults.
Four units killed with catapult, many more wounded. After that military advisor is very optimistic about my chances to take the castle!
My veteran army with two mighty heroes, cuts the garrison like knife goes through butter!
Enemy is trying to hold another orc hut right under one of my castles. I can risk and go out leaving the castle slightly protected to raze the orcs before they spread heavily...
Thats a lot of bandits in one small forrest! Good news they are on the frontier, so I will have to build an army here anyway...
Finally the last bandit lair in my rare is cleared! Now I can march all available forces to the frontier...
Turn 17
One of the dwarf legions was attacked and outnumbered this turn! Dwarves will make sure their heroic death was not in vein...
Revenge )
And another bandit lair goes down...
This may be a problem... Orc will distract hero for a few turns while troll may manage to break his shield meanwhile and then stun.
Good start - hero breaks orc shield, next blow should finish him off.
Troll stuns, now dwarf will skip next turn...
But troll missed and hero kills the filthy orc... Now fair fight troll vs hero.. one on one :)
Troll is stunned to death :)
Dwarves can not do much in the center... The castle is under catapult siege and the garrison sustains fire each turn. Killed units are replaced with fresh recruits or reinforcements come from the army that is assembled nearby which will try to deblock the castle at some point in nearest future...
Turn 18
Hit and run diversion in the enemy rear! Humans captured a number of orc villages. Before this area is swarming with orcs, I selected one unprotected and razed it with griffins. I had just enough move points to escape into safety over shallow water where enemy infantry will not follow me.
It is time to start epic operation to deblock the central castle. In case of success this would win the whole war... First attack with the reinforcements on the village - enemy army will intercept the attack and try to defend it.
Bandit filth, not much of a problem for heavy dwarf legion. As usually they poison a lot, but I have priests to cure my units if they make it to the next turn...
Bring in supply cart and repair broken armour. Not all armour can be repaired - if for example helmet is completely destroyed, it can only be equipped again in castle.
Now its time for the heroic dwarf garrison to come out and fight the enemy in the field face to face! Attack is led my mighty dwarf hero Gilgak Longbeard.
Gilgak Longbeard smashes everyone on his way. There is no equal opponent in the enemy ranks. All armies are a mix of bandits, orcs and light infantry - dwarves easily overcome them.
And finally an unexpected blow from behind! Pack of griffins attack swiftly some more bandits in a village. The victory was easy!
Most of the enemy is gone with minimal casualties from the dwarf side. Next turn humans may try to finish somebody, but the castle should be safe. I made a severe error however - instead of attacking last army in front of the castle directly, I should have attacked the catapult. This way the enemy army would have intercepted the attack and would be killed anyway, but after that catapult would be eliminated too. Now the humans may inflict a lot of damage on my nearby army not even protected with walls...
On the left flank I have good advantage to assault another castle. After this turn it seems that the victory is near!
Turn 19
Heroic death of mighty dwarf heroes.. Many enemies slain!
After heavy bombardment, the castle is a piece of cake to take )
Revenge for the death of the hero!
Everything clear... no danger to the castle anymore...
Turn 20
Dramatic battle of a small pack of reinforcements led by a hero. The dwarves prevail!
In the beginning of the battle is seemed the dwarves are doomed. But they sustained the initial damage and fought back. Champion on the left flank managed to hold off cavalry while hero and elder ruled the right flank and the center.
Elder is the hero of the battle, killed several orcs and then survived under heavy archer fire.
Elder inflicts devastating blow that would have crushed 2 orcs :)
Dwarves push on with the attack. Next turn the orc villages will burn!
Turn 21
Massive massacre happened during last turn - mostly in my favour!
Enemy assembled an interesting army - Lich undead in one stack with Men led by archer hero. Lich low other units morale, but hero raises it, so both effects neutralise each other.
Priest targets undead - he has no weapon to fight other units, only white magic spells.
Not only does the Lich inflicts damage, but also drains energy.
Enemy castle seems poorly protected. Seems that most of the garrison tried to meet me in the field. Good opportunity to try to take it on the march.
Archers without infantry cover is an east prey :)
This place is full of bandits!