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New map1
Created by: Toxaz
Status: The game has ended
Modes: Ironman:off Quick start:off


White Player (Men): Baruk Team 1 Won!
Red Player (Dwarves): megas Team 2 Surrendered
Black Player (Dark side): Toxaz Team 1 Won!
Yellow Player (Men): Nomad Team 2 Lost...


Turn 11
Dark forces muster armies in the East. That's the way you do it.
Turn 12
Watching replay. Nomad strikes with elite cavalry force. Did not expect to see them. Nice move.
Watching replay. Megas takes out my light infantry very easily. I don't care too much for them, but I should not have risked with my necromancer...
Summon the undead!
Plan is to weaken Nomad's army with my zombie horde.
We strike back the dwarves and the victory is ours!
Third undead wave... Nomad's archers are already running out of arrows. Battle is lost, but at the end lich slays a knight!
Trying smart formation here. I am hiding my veterans behind light spearmen. Let them catch first arrows and be trampled by enemy cavalry.
Lord Aleck ends the first enemy!
Deadly strike by my heroic swordsman. He slayed a knight moments ago and now brings down that pesky horseman.
Mercenaries do their bloody business. They are worth every penny.
One enemy hero is already cut down. Lord Aleck wiped out enemy archers on the right flank and is hurrying to help his comrades. Looks like we a going to be victorious!
The victory is ours! :)
bird vs bird, let the bigger (mine) bird win!
Turn 14
It seems that massacre is coming :)
Turn 15
Facing two opponents: dark human and dwarves...
Preparing to siege Ragadum castle. Our ranks are strong, but dwarven opponent is a cunning one. Plan is to advance slowly while building fortifications, covering my positions with catapults.
Turn 16
Turn 17
Dark knight assassination
Turn 18
He did not want to give us his gold... Had to kill him.
They thought they are safe under the cover of another dwarven legion...
But now the village is in flames and one third of them is slain by falling rocks.
Dwarven infiltrator is found and terminated.
Dwarven legions crossed the river to the South. Let them come!
First armies slain, many more will die...
Dwarves attack the catapult defended by cavalry in order to decrease danger to the castle. Four champions lead the assault. Guard is positioned to target the knight!
One catapult down. The other one is low threat to upgraded castle.
Turn 19
I think Megas evacuates his wounded warriors into this tower...
I could have a necromancer, but need money more. So I say no.
We overrun enemies on the right flank.
Champions hold the left flank.
Total massacre! Dwarven crossbowers are slain. Archers draw daggers and rush in melee. But dwarven champions stand unshaken.
Turn 20
Oh my goodness! Super heavy dwarven legion!
Heroic swordsman. We are crushed...
Trying to swarm with orcs.
Elder gone berserk...
Somebody stop him!
Trying to hold the position. Enemy is approaching...
Turn 21
Let's attack Nomad's reinforcements. This party is relatively weak and not prepared for attack. Knights are valuable targets. I want to eliminate them before they join his main cavalry forces.
First wave was quite successful. This is a second one. I throw my non-valuable forces into battle: bandits, peasants, light infantry.
Knights wreck havoc in our ranks, but they are backed up with weak units.
Knights are the only formidable foes in this battle.
This knight is a hero. Survived four battles in a row. Killed many of our men. But death is imminent.
Turn 22
Forced to retreat... To many of them.
Turn 23
Recon. Strong dwarven legion.
I hate that elder.
That elder slew many of my men. But in the end the enemy was overwhelmed.
Attack on another dwarven legion.
Dwarves are fighting fiercely. Had to finish them off later with another party.
Here is the position after my counter attack on enclosing enemy. My idea for this round was to attack only Megas forces to inflict heavy casualties on them. Megas will not participate in the assault if he would have only a couple of armies left.
Turn 25
The fight goes on, but in the meantime on my home front: I take a risk of attacking a ruin to get much needed money (though my hero's armour is damaged).
Turn 26
Cavalry lures the tower guards in the open.
Nomad is careless about supplies. His archers run out of arrows very quickly.
Turn 27
I had to stop unit production for a turn. But now with the monetary help of my ally and successful raiding of ruins with my heroes I can produce units again.
My level 6 bard dies...
I find small, weak war parties and attack them with zombies.
Heroic dwarves will die anyway.
For glory!
All in!
Finish them!
Lord Greffin leads the assault. True hero. He will slain several enemies in this battle himself.
Looks like this foothold is mine again!