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Sadxxoo plays)
Created by: Sadxxoo
Status: The game has ended
Modes: Ironman:on Quick start:off
Turn limit (days per player): 2


White Player (Men): Sadxxoo Team 1 Won!
Red Player (Dwarves): megas Team 1 Won!
Black Player (Dark side): Toxaz Team 2 Lost...
Yellow Player (Men): Baruk Team 2 Surrendered


Turn 13
Laying siege. If we cannot take this castle, we will bomb it to the ground. Our position in the forest is prepared for counter attacks.
Well played battle. Humans were forced to retreat leaving dwarves alone.
Turn 18
Why not 1258 Damage? Very weak attack from baruk... His catapults fire min 230 damage even vs stone castles.
Turn 19