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Winter warrior: Baruk vs Ganeleon
Created by: Baruk
Status: The game has ended
Modes: Ironman:off Quick start:off
Turn limit (days per player): 3


White Player (Men): Baruk Surrendered
Black Player (Dark side): Ganeleon Won!


Turn 8
I scout and find heavy orc regiment with two trolls. I try to destroy these orcs later that turn, but the battle goes not very well...
Enemy approaches... Burns villages.
Turn 9
Dark Ambassador himself showed up under the walls of my citadels. Risky move, but unfortunately, I don't have enough men to banish him.
I counter attack here, destroying enemy party and hoping to survive the battle next turn. Maybe if we are victorious here we can rush and raze orcish village to the North. I desperately need to deny production of orcs on my northern border.
We burn the bridges. We need to buy some time to muster greater armies.
Castle is surrounded by orcs and demons. Presence of Dark Ambassador makes it even worse. If my opponent makes no mistakes castle is going to fall. But we are not giving in!
The humans are shaking in fear behind the city walls while my hordes pillage their lands. In fact I am doing a risky maneuver moving the Dark Emperor to the front line. But sometimes it is worth it.
Turn 10
I don't have time to deal with bandits, so I hire them. Reputation is damaged, but not in significant way.
Finally! Dwarven stronghold is ours! Catapult bombardment damaged it heavily, but after couple of turns it will start producing fresh dwarven recruits.
Heroic garrison surrounded by dark forces of evil. Their task is to hold for as much as possible, keeping dark forces busy with the siege.
We are going to attack these orcs from both flanks. Orc village is within the range of attack of heavy infantry regiment to the left. Lord Aleck is leading the assault on the right flank. His task is to retake the tower and secure the territory.
Halfling scout brings words about Dark Knight defending the orcish village. We must exterminate him. It looks like a good opportinity, since his party is weak. We also don't want him to use his necromancy powers to animate dead.
We have captured the tower. Necromancer and a couple of trolls were slain by Lord Aleck. Now we send a halfling to scout enemy ahead.
Our attack on the settlement is intercepted by enemy party.
My men cut down the orcs. But Dark Knight and troll are the force to be reckoned with.
Swords cannot cut through thick troll skin. And our infantry suffer casualties.
Finally, troll and Dark Knight are slain. Our own casualties are high and only a bunch of archers continue the attack on the village, where they meet their end. Severely outnumbered they die like heroes, covered with glory.
Our village is occupied and enslaved by orc party. But Sir Jonas inspires revolt!
Sir Jonas sings a bard song increasing morale of his party.
Sir Jonas leads the attack. And the victory is ours!
Let's try a diversion. I am sending couple of cavalry units to take down the bridge. But my opponent guards the bridge... We'll see next turn.
The castle is mine ! After my trolls hurled the stones and weakened the garnison by killing several defenders it was the easy victory.
Turn 11
Dark Knight wants to build a portal. Even if we cannot stop him, maybe we can scare him.
My eastern citadel has fallen and enemies try to overrun us in the center. I already see their scouts. This is where we face them and stop them!
Turn 12
At last
Turn 13
How can this be? My castle was guarded very well...
It looks like battle is over in my favor, but...
Bug! Priest deals no damage to Dark Ambassador at all :(