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Unblemished Warrior: Baruk vs WarMire
Created by: Baruk
Status: The game has ended
Modes: Ironman:on Quick start:off
Turn limit (days per player): 3


Red Player (Dwarves): Baruk Won!
Yellow Player (Men): WarMire Surrendered


Turn 11
The initial plan for my first ever game, was that Baruk the Esteemed would show small amount of mercy toward Sir Newb.My plan looks to have faltered, tho i cant say ive been scared.Now i see a cart and cata. I am scared hahaha
Turn 15
Really nice ambush! Small war party of Lady WarMire was acting as bait. So when I came closer I was ambushed by bandits... Unfortunately, bandits are no match for heavy dwarven legion.