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Sokoliki rematch - no QS!
Created by: Baruk
Status: The game has ended
Modes: Ironman:on Quick start:off
Turn limit (days per player): 3


White Player (Men): Tode Team 1 Won!
Red Player (Dwarves): Ganeleon Team 2 Surrendered
Black Player (Dark side): Baruk Team 1 Won!
Yellow Player (Men): megas Team 2 Lost...


Turn 15
My battle spiders!
Turn 16
The Dark Ambassador himself....
Turn 17
This is the way you have to go for ruins
Turn 19
Let the battle begin and 2 heroes lead their armies !
My hero have just smashed the shield of the knight !
Enemy hero died with the arrow in his neck !
Griffin vs Pegasus
Suicidal attack to weaken heavy dwarven legion.
This is insane. One elder obliterates whole bandit party...